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Discover Vincent van Gogh with a comprehensive two-and-a-half-hour biopic art tour. With over two hundred views of his paintings, you will see his inspiring life through his art. Our stories of his life weave for you his art history, historical facts, society cultural norms, and techniques that make this beloved artist so uniquely special.

You will first get to know him by delving into his family life and his vocations before he declares himself an artist. Your journey will start with his early paintings (1881-1883) when he is just beginning to learn Dutch Art techniques.

Next, you will find him in Antwerp (December 1883 - November 1885) where you will explore his Potato Eaters, Popular Trees, and Old Church Tower Painting themes.

Starting in March 1886, Vincent will move to Paris to live with his brother Theo. You will see his transformation when he meets other Impressionist artists, studies the human form, and begins to explore Japanese Woodblock paintings.

Afterwards, you will explore his time in Arlis February 1888 - May 1889 where his art blossoms into a higher level with new techniques that cultivate his own style. From this period, you will view his Sunflowers, Starry Night, Sower, portraits, and landscapes.

You will move onto Saint-Rémy May 1889 - May 1890 where his health begins to deteriorate and his art changes to reflect his emotional state. From this period, you will view his Irises, Cypresses, Starry Night, Angel, Olive Orchid, and more.

And finally, you will spend time with Vincent while he lived in Auvers-sur-oise May – July 1890. You will view 29 of his last paintings before his untimely early passing. From this period, you will view landscapes, portraits, and still life’s that reflect his emotional sadness and isolation.

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Lindsey Zellman
Fun session - the time flew by

The Van Gogh presentation covered the progression of his career, from his early works until the very end. This approach, along with the background info about his personal life, made it easier to understand how his style evolved. The presenter seemed very passionate about the subject matter and empathetic toward the artist’s struggles. Totally worth the time and money. I look forward to taking more virtual tours.

Thank you for your insightful review. I am so glad that you enjoyed your art tour.

Interesting and well organized

It was a good representation of the period being discussed, but I was disappointed at the scope because it was so much shorter than the impressionist program that I watched recently

Hi Barbara,

Thank you for the review. Yes, the Modern Art Tour is a short one hour long instead of the two-hours that you will have with the other programs.

Barbara Cooper
Excellent presentation

The presentation was excellent. The presenter was very knowledgeable and clear and her visuals were very good and appropriate. I expected a much shorter session and was surprised when it lasted 2 hours. That was a pleasant surprise and well worth the time not to mention being worth the money. I look forward to seeing more of these programs in the future.

Thank you for the review.

Very informative presentation on VanGogh

It was interesting to see so many pictures we had not seen before. The evolution of his style was really an education and Rebecca's passion and knowledge was delightful. I had been somewhat familiar with VanGogh and his work but not nearly in the depth Rebecca presented. We were extremely fortunate to have a trip to Paris where we saw the bedroom painting. I had seen it in photos and thought it was an example of his work and that was about it, but seeing it in person was a whole different experience. The vitality and colours and brush strokes took my breath away. I just had to know more about Vincent's work and life and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of Rebecca's presentation.

Thank you for your review.

  • Ghisèle “Gigi”

    "I did the tour of the French Impressionists with Sarah. I was quite impressed by her knowledge, her sense of humor and her willingness to pronounce the French words properly. I thoroughly enjoyed this tour."

  • Jean Cooksey

    "What a wonderful opportunity to learn about art either in person or online. Thanks to guide Stephen for his enthusiasm and ability to explain modern art. Looking forward to attending in the future!"

  • Elizabeth Marshall

    "I really enjoyed Rebecca's presentation on Dutch Masters. She has expertise in multiple areas including history. I appreciated that she placed the art in the context of events of their time. Highly recommend!!"

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