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Our virtual art tours and in-person walking art tours are a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of today. Art tours for inspirational learning that will destress your day. We don't offer graduate classes just inspirational learning.

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    We are a Washington, D.C. tour operator dedicated to offering art tours. Established in 2013 to with a focus on high value art tours at reasonable pricing for locals, travels, and groups. When Covid began, the owner decided to pivot into the realm of virutal art tours as an option when either museums are closed or you can not walk long distances. All walking in-person tours are offered with certified tour guides that have backgrounds in art history and art museum docent training. 

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    Give us a call or send an email and we will respond. If you have questions just ask us, walk you through the steps to view our art tours. How to meet your tour guide at the museum.

Questions and Answers Virtual Tours

What Technology do you use to view virtual tour?

We use Zoom Technology for security and accessibility.

What is needed for my Zoom Tour?

Please purchase your Zoom Art Tour with your email address that you use to log onto your Zoom Program.

When will you send me my Zoom Link?

Your Zoom Link will be sent the morning of the tour.

Help I can't find my Zoom Link?

Please contact us before the start of your tour. We will resend your Zoom Link. And, if the link is not working call us at (202) 294-4265 we have several trouble shooting solutions.

How do I ask for a refund or switch to the next date?

Please email the organizer at diane @ streetartmuseumtours.com. You must notify us before the start of the tour.

Questions and Answers Walking Tours

Where will we meet our tour guide?

Please meet your tour guide at the location that is given to you in your instructions.

I am running late what do I do?

Please contact us and we will let your tour guide know. We can hold the tour for a few minutes. our phone number is (202) 294-4265.

I am not feeling well today?

If you are not feeling well, please stay home. Please contact the organizer at diane @ streetartmuseumtours.com. We can move your tour to the next date or give you a refund. You must let us know before the start of the tour.

What about tips?

Thank you for your consideration. You may tip your guide at check out or give cash to your guide after the tour - suggested between $5 to $10 dollars.

How we began our virtual tours

Our very first virtual art tour that I created was the French Impressionism Art Tour. I decided that this would be a great tour to start off with because we had a lot of customers that took this as a walking tour with us at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. I already had the main topics and list of artists. I could download artwork from the Museum’s website catalogue and feel confident that the image was exactly like the real painting hanging on the wall. However, halfway through the project I realized there are more artists, and even women artists that I don’t want to leave out of this experience. So, I combed through art databases, art museums, art blogs, and art WikiLeaks to find even more art. Of course, the major concern was if the image was true to the original artwork. If an image is not good, then the artwork will not be included in the art tour. I have very high standards because I know that the artwork is such a beloved key feature to a successful tour.

The next element to developing a great experience is your tour guide. I handpick people that have personality, get excited when they look at art, and have knowledge. Your presenter understands that artists do not work in a vacuum and have many influences upon their work.